June 13: What’s coming up? The week ahead in France

This week sees the second round of the legislative elections, Father’s Day, a planetary spectacle and more

We look at the events taking place in France this week
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We look at the events taking place in France this week.

See five planets aligning in the night sky above France

Throughout the whole of this month, it is possible to see five of our closest planetary neighbours aligning in the sky above us.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and perhaps even Uranus will appear in order in the dawn sky for the first time in 18 years, in what is known as a conjunction.

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In France, the planets will be most easily visible between June 18 and June 27, so this weekend is the best time to try and spot them.

Over this period, the moon will sit in between Venus and Mars, taking the place of Earth in the planet order.

The planets will be most visible around 30 minutes before sunrise, in a place with dark skies and a view of the eastern or southeastern horizon.

Skin cancer prevention week

This week (June 12-17) is skin cancer prevention week in France, an opportunity for dermatologist bodies to inform people about avoiding and detecting the condition.

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On average, 80,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year in France, with cases of melanoma – the most serious form of the cancer – having doubled every 10 years since 1945 across the world.

This year’s skin cancer prevention campaign – which began with a five kilometre run event in Paris – will see doctors and former patients take to social media to share their knowledge and experiences.

They will help to raise awareness about the different types of skin cancer, on protecting your skin, early detection for at-risk groups and the different treatment options.

The week ahead will also remind people that while everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer at some point in their life, some are more susceptible than others.

More vulnerable groups include:

  • Professionals who work outside, such as farmers, builders and sportspeople
  • Men, who are generally less careful than women. Some 30% of people in France never go to the dermatologist, of which 62% are men
  • People with a lighter natural skin colour that burns or freckles easily
  • People with a family history of skin cancer
  • People with certain types (and a large number of) skin moles
  • Older people

Journées nationales de l’archéologie

From Friday (June 17) until Sunday (June 19), France will celebrate its thirteenth Journées nationales de l’archéologie (National Archaeology Days), during which the public is encouraged to explore the country’s archeological sites.

Universities, museums, dig sites and laboratories are invited to put on interactive events to help visitors discover their work, and this year there will be activities on offer across France.

You can see the events taking place near you using this map.

Father’s Day

In France, Father’s Day (la Fête des pères) always falls on the third Sunday in June, which is coming up this weekend (June 19).

The occasion dates back to 1950, when lighter manufacturer Flaminaire came up with the idea to boost sales of its lighters.

It launched an advertising campaign with the slogan ‘Nos papas nous l’ont dit, pour la fête des pères, ils désirent tous un Flaminaire’ (Our dads told us, for Father’s Day, they all want an Flaminaire).

It was officially added to the calendar in 1952, joining la Fête des mères, which was first introduced in 1928.

Legislative elections second round

Sunday will also see the second round of France’s legislative elections, during which MPs will be elected to fill the 577 seats in the Assemblée nationale.

In the first round, which took place yesterday (Sunday, June 12), candidates affiliated with President Emmanuel Macron came out on top, but only just.

Mr Macron’s candidates – representing the Ensemble coalition – gained 25.75% of first round votes, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s left-wing Nupes coalition had 25.66% and Rassemblement National was third with 18.68%.

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Ensemble is currently projected to win 260-295 seats in the second round, with Nupes gaining 150-190.

Mr Macron needs 289 seats or more for a majority, and there is a chance that he will not achieve this. However, his candidates are expected to form an ‘anti-Mélenchon front’ to try to secure as many seats as possible.

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