Leclerc and Intermarché recall two cheeses over listeria risk

Customers who have bought Intermarché’s André Collet Brie de Meaux and Leclerc’s Pas de Rouge bio in a given timeframe should return the products to the shop

Two different types of cheese are being recalled over a listeria risk
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Leclerc and Intermarché are recalling two types of cheese over concerns that they may be contaminated with listeria.

Customers who have bought Intermarché’s Brie de Meaux or Leclerc’s Pas de Rouge are invited to return purchases if they were made within a certain timeframe.

At Leclerc, the Pas de Rouge being recalled is part of the ‘bio’ range, carrying the code 210913-3R and sold between November 6 and December 18.

At Intermarché, it is a batch of André Collet Brie de Meaux which is affected. This product carries the code 3041 6140 FR55-442-001 and was sold between December 10 and January 1.

Both cheeses are thought to contain traces of listeria monocytogenes, a pathogenic bacteria which causes the rare but dangerous listeria infection.

Pregnant women are especially vulnerable to listeria, which can cause fever, diarrhoea and, in some cases, foetal complications.

Anyone who has bought affected products should throw them away or bring them back to the shop for a refund.

If you have eaten potentially contaminated cheese, you should keep an eye on how you are feeling, as symptoms can begin up to eight weeks after the initial infection. If you experience a fever, headaches or muscle pains, you should see your doctor.

The Pas de Rouge recall ends on June 30, while customers have until January 31 to return the Brie de Meaux.

You can find out more about the recall on government information service RappelConso.

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