Mayors keep local taxes stable

After rising 25% over the past 10 years, local taxes in the 40 largest towns and cities in France are being held down by mayors this year, with only an increase to cover inflation.

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A study by Les Echos of planned budgets has shown the same is true of most of the ‘intercommunalités’ grouped communes across the country – with mayors planning to keep taxe d'habitation and taxe foncière stable.

Even cities like Clermont-Ferrand (which last year raised its taxe d’habitation by 5.8%) and Toulouse (which raised its taxe d’habitation by 15% in 2015 and 7% last year) are this year proposing no increase.

However, this does not mean there will be only an inflation-linked increase as department councils also have a say in impôts locaux – and they are likely to want a rise to pay for new responsibilities given to them by the government.

Departments are now responsible for paying the Revenu de solidarité active RSA benefit and this requires significant funding in some areas.