Miss Ronde hails ‘ideal body’ law

New laws forcing advertisers and publishers to identify retouched photos and to ask models for medical certificates are “about time,” according to the winner of Miss Ronde France, a beauty contest celebrating larger-sized women.

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Marilyn Chateau, 38, a veterinary nurse from Gravelines, Nord, deplores the marketing of impossible ‘ideal’ bodies. “When you see the changes done to photos in adverts it is shocking and gives a totally false idea of what is possible.

“Too many designers tell us we are size 38 (UK 10) when most women are 42 or more. No wonder there is anorexia!”

Ms Chateau, who put on 30kg after a spinal operation and nearly 18 months of convalescence, said she was now carrying out modelling, fashion shows and charity work. She said she loved visiting children as Miss Ronde France to “see their eyes light up as they meet a princess in a tiara”.

This month she judges a new contest, Miss Body Pulp, and models in the global Pajany Calendar. Run by Julia Pajany, herself a plus-size model, the calendar is to promote curvy bodies and different fashion role models.

Ms Chateau and others such as John Galliano size-48 model Johanna Dray are also pushing for a change in fashion. “We are young, dyna­mic plus-size women wanting sexy, glamorous styles and not dated grandma fashion,” she said.