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The November edition of The Connexion is now available.

Subscribers can look forward to receiving their copy in the next few days – and it will be on sale in newsagents around France from this weekend.

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Highlights this month include:


Hidden risk from radon in French homes

Quality of life is why expats choose France (especially to retire)

New sales record as buyers’ confidence in the market is restored

Hunter’s bullet kills woman in her garden

Brexit talks: Progress but still no pledge to ring-fence expat rights

National service in France: concrete plans published in spring

Driverless cars head for streets of Rouen

‘Glyphosate caused our son’s health issues’

Over-65s relearn Code de la Route to be better drivers

Contactless payment limit is now €30

SNCF inspectors go plain-clothed to trap fare cheats


Make sense of... Starting an association or charity in France

Is it true that there is a grant to help when moving home in France?

Are genetically-modified foods allowed in France?

Do I need to get British qualifications ‘validated’ before Brexit?

17 months on, notaire has not made inheritance declaration

Is it acceptable for me to pick mushrooms in local woods in France?

What is the best way to transfer money to France to cover general living costs?

French schools are not stuck in timewarp

Can a non-resident register to work as micro-entrepreneur?

Has tax on UK pension changed?

What is our French B&B worth?

French bank credited wrong account

Income tax bands set to rise in France

Legal formalities when building a dividing wall with neighbours’ house

Property watch: Ariège, Haute-Garonne, Gers, Hautes-Pyrénées

Viager may be a way to fund living to a ripe old age


Explore France’s arboretums

Art-spotting in the French woods

Bande dessinée author is bringing comic book clarity to serious science

Open Gardens will keep on giving

November gardens: Time to lay down some roots

Ian Monk the vagabond poet who found his his way with words

Claquettes chaussettes: How socks and sandals went from naff to nifty

November 2017 events in France

Engrenages (Spiral) is back on French screens

20 years since Barbara died but her legacy is powerful

Clint Eastwood finds his Hollande and films at Elysée

French recipes: Soul food from Corsica

En saison: What to put on your plate in November

Bresse chickens still top of the pecking order

Meet the producers: French truffles

'Test weedkiller more before banning it' says vigneron

Antique chic in the Alpes-Maritimes

Cassoulet was invented to fend off the British

Auguste Rodin, 100 years on: master sculptor’s enduring legacy

Le Grand Palais in Paris: a glorious past and a bright future

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