Petrol prices drop in France due to coronavirus

Fuel prices in France have dropped again this week, with an official price of €1.4028 per litre of diesel, as crude oil supplies continue to be affected by uncertainty over the new coronavirus epidemic.

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The cost of diesel - the most commonly-used fuel - in service stations is down 3.15 centimes this week compared to last, according to new data from the ecology ministry, published on February 10. This is the lowest price since January 2019.

Super unleaded petrol is at €1.4989 per litre, down 1.7 centimes; while SP95-E10 - which contains up to 10% ethanol - is at €1.4727; a drop of 1.87 centimes. Lastly, the SP 98 is now at €1.5604, a drop of 1.71 centimes.

Petrol prices are decreasing right now, as they have been negatively affected by the uncertainty surrounding Chinese fuel demand, due to the new coronavirus epidemic.

According to market figures from London this week, a barrel of North Sea Brent Crude oil (seen as one of the benchmarks for global oil trading) was worth $54.20 (USD), the lowest figure in more than a year.

Fuel and petrol station prices are generally based on several factors, including the cost of one barrel of oil, the exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar, stock levels of petrol products, and tax rates.

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