PHOTOS: Northern Lights stun in skies across southern France

Phenomena was seen across almost all of France this weekend

The Northern Lights are usually green if seen near the Arctic Circle but a warmer colour in France (Photo for illustration)
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People across France were treated to a rare viewing of the Northern Lights over the weekend, with spectators sharing photos and videos on social media.

A shift in the usual patterns of the solar flare meant the lights could be seen in skies as far south as Montpellier, Hérault, and in the Alpes-Maritimes department.

Whilst they can sometimes be seen in the north of France, the strength of the lights – and how far south they could be viewed – made this weekend’s show unusual.

Solar storms – the most powerful for more than 20 years – were the cause.

In France, the colour of the lights are generally warmer, with more pinkish hues, than the green ones seen closer to the Arctic Circle.

The Northern Lights were viewable on evenings throughout the weekend, but at their strongest on Saturday night (May 11).

Below we share some of the impressive photos of the phenomena. 

Lights drape skies over monuments and landscapes 

Some of the most awe-inspiring photos were taken near the English Channel, with the Lights shimmering above the famous Mont Saint-Michel monument. 

They also shone above historical windmills in the Vendée department, and could be seen easily in Bordeaux.

The timelapses below shows the lights dancing around peaks of the Alps mountain range. 

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Viewable from the Mediterranean

Viewings in the south are a much rarer occurrence making photos of the lights in skies along the Mediterranean particularly impressive even if the lights were slightly dimmer. 

It follows an impressive sighting of the Northern Lights last November.

The Aurora Borealis were seen by residents across the Nord and Pas-de-Calais departments; many people shared their photos on social networks.