Pickup truck with pool and bathers in back stopped in south of France

A man was stopped by gendarmes over the weekend for driving around a makeshift swimming pool on wheels with five people bathing in it

The swimming pool pick-up.
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Police in the south of France caught a man on the road driving a pickup that had people bathing in a makeshift swimming pool in the back of it.

Five people were found cooling off in the water in the back of the vehicle, which was spotted by gendarmes on Sunday August 15 in Balaruc-les-Bains, Herault.

Inspection revealed the cargo area had been converted into a makeshift swimming pool using a tarpaulin to create a watertight lining – an unusual solution to the weekend's soaring temperatures.

As well as fining all the passengers for not wearing seatbelts, the driver was fined for driving under the influence of alcohol.