Several cheeses recalled in France due to listeria risk

Raclette and tomme cheeses included. Products were sold across France

Raclette cheese was included in the recall
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A number of cheeses have been pulled from shop shelves across France over fears of a listeria outbreak.

The cheeses were all produced by the Société Laitière De Vichy company, and include varieties of tomme, tommette, and raclette.

The cheeses were sold at major supermarkets, as well as in smaller fromageries, which may have sold smaller pieces of the cheese from their stalls.

The products impacted have been listed for recall on the RappelConso government recall website.

They were all sold in 2024, up until March 5 (this Tuesday) when the recall was announced.

Links to the products affected can be found below:

Refunds are available for all products, depending on the date of purchase from the point of purchase.

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Listeria concerns

The reason for the recall is the possible presence of listeria, a bacteria that can cause listeriosis food poisoning.

Side-effects of listeria food poisoning can include headaches, fever, and body aches.

The symptoms can appear as late as eight weeks after consuming an infected product.

Anyone who has consumed one of the products listed and is experiencing such symptoms should immediately contact their GP or another doctor.

Listeriosis is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, elderly people and the immuno-compromised, and is the second-biggest cause of food poisoning related deaths in France.

Products from the brand were recalled for the same reason last year, when more than 30 cheeses were recalled.

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