Sliced bread recalled from French supermarket over glass shard fears

People who have bought the affected product are invited not to eat it and instead to throw it away or take it back to the point of sale for a refund

A sliced white loaf on a wooden countertop.
The products are from seven different batches of the bread, and are sold under the brand Chabrior in Intermarché supermarkets
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Sliced bread from supermarket Intermarché has been recalled in France over fears it could contain shards of broken glass.

The bread is sold under the brand Chabrior, and is made by le Fournil du Val de Loire.

The recall affects products sold since August 20 in branches of Intermarché. There are fears that the bread could contain shards of glass.

It includes the crustless, Coeur de Mie Nature (white); the Coeur de Mie Complet (wholemeal); the Coeur de Mie 7 Céréales, and the sliced Grand Mie Nature and Grand Mie Complet.

The packs affected are sold in 500g, 825g, and 900g weights. / Screenshot

The website Rappel Conso said: “There is a risk of injury and possible unwanted effects after the ingestion of this product.”

It said that people who have bought and still have the affected product should not eat it, and instead throw it away or take it back to the point of sale for a refund.

The products affected will have one of the following batch numbers, use-by dates and lot numbers:

Batch number 3250392262051

  • 31/08/2021, L21453251
  • 07/09/2021, L21453471

Batch number 3250391785216

  • 31/08/2021, L21453242
  • 02/09/2021, L21453322
  • 05/09/2021, L 21453362

Batch number 3250391697885

  • 31/08/2021, L21453232
  • 02/09/2021, L21453311
  • 06/09/2021, L21453422

Batch number 3250390758075

  • 02/09/2021, L21453262

Batch number 3250390272007

  • 02/09/2021, L21453272
  • 06/09/2021, L 21453372

Batch number 3250391371167

  • 01/09/2021, L21453281
  • 06/09/2021, L21453401

Batch number 3250391236800

  • 31/08/2021, L21453221
  • 01/09/2021, L21453291
  • 06/09/2021, L21453411

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