‘Speed bumps in France are dangerous for motorcyclists like me’

They cause pollution, damage vehicles and make roads unsafe, says reader

Reader agrees with French drivers’ associations’ legal challenge against speed bumps

I read with interest the article on speed bumps and agree wholeheartedly with drivers’ associations that it is time something is done about them.

Speed bumps cause unnecessary discomfort, delays for emergency services and damage to vehicles.

They are also a major cause of pollution to people living nearby due to the constant braking and acceleration of passing traffic.

It seems strange that government departments, usually so keen to tackle pollution, turn a blind eye.

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‘Councils do as they please’

Speed humps do nothing for road safety. They simply make motorists reduce speed temporarily, then accelerate.

Many are sited at the beginning or end of built-up areas where there are fewer houses anyway.

What is more, they are often thrown down with scant regard for the vehicles using them.

I understand there are regulations that they should comply with, but this certainly is not the case in the majority of instances.

Councils do as they please, with no repercussions, and the motorist suffers.

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‘Dangerous for motorcyclists in poor visibility’

I am particularly concerned about the danger speed bumps pose to motorcyclists, being one myself.

During dark winter nights, and with bad weather making roads slippery, to be suddenly confronted with one in poor visibility can be unsafe.

It is about time the idiots behind them are brought to account, just the same as if any member of the public were to purposefully throw hazards into the road, and replaced by people who can deal with road safety more effectively and for the benefit of all.

Dave RILEY, by email

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