UFO spotted repeatedly in the sky above southern France

The object was seen by people in Montpellier, Perpignan and Andorra. The local weather service has compiled a video of the different sightings

The night sky was lit up by an unidentified flying object on Tuesday
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A UFO (objet volant non identifié) was spotted by several people along the Mediterranean coast of Occitanie on Tuesday evening (November 9).

Local weather service Météo Gard-Hérault published a video on its Twitter account showing footage of the glowing object, which was oblong or rectangle-shaped, and which seemed at one point to somersault through the air.

The UFO was seen by people in Montpellier, Cournonterral, Pavalas-les-Flots, Sète, Narbonne, Perpignan and Andorra.

Social media users have developed several different theories about the origin of the object, suggesting that it could be a drone or a satellite.

However, so far no one has been able to definitively explain what it is.

During the stormy night of September 15, Montpellier residents noticed another strange light in the sky above their city. However, France 3 later reported that the lights were coming from projectors near the Halle Tropisme, where the Campus Créatif arts education collective was carrying out rehearsals.

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