Volvic bottles recalled by French supermarkets over vinegar smell

This applies to bottles sold between December 21 and January 4 in Casino, Intermarché and other supermarkets

Volvic bottles are being recalled to a range of supermarkets
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Atac, Carrefour, Casino, Intermarché, Auchan and Lacasud are recalling Volvic mineral water bottles because of a chance that the contents will smell and taste of vinegar.

Anyone who has bought certain 1.5 litre bottles should avoid drinking them. This applies to products with the EAN code 3057640257858 (batch numbers 2 0730 to 2 0815 and 8 0730 to 8 0815) and a sell-by date of December 18 2023.

All of the affected bottles were sold in the supermarkets listed above between December 21 and January 4.

People who bought a Volvic product from Auchan and would like some further information can call the supermarket’s hotline on 0800 003 798.

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