‘Your online French health space is ready’: is this message a scam?

Some people have received an email relating to their new Mon espace santé digital health space and queried if it is valid

Some people within the French healthcare system have received an email saying that their online health space has been created and is ready to use
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People within the French health system report receiving an email indicating that their online health space is ready and have queried whether it is legitimate or part of a scam.

The email reads: “Votre service Mon espace santé a été créé” (Your Mon espace santé service has been created).

It does not come from a scammer and instead relates to an Assurance maladie operation inviting people to access their digital healthcare account, Mon espace santé, a new system which launched in February 2022.

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What is Mon espace santé?

Mon espace santé is an online space where people can access their medical history, including prescriptions, X-rays and other documents.

You can also add and check on your known allergies, conditions or illnesses; any current treatment plans; any time spent in hospital; family history; and any ‘last wishes’ in the event of your death.

In this way, you can gather together all your information in one secure place,

These details can also be accessed by healthcare professionals but are not available to insurers or employers. Doctors and nurses must ask you before they view your account and you will receive a notification each time they log into it.

Mon espace santé replaces the previous Dossier médical partagé scheme.

When Mon espace santé was launched, the authorities wrote to everyone registered in the healthcare system, asking them either to activate their account or opt out within six weeks.

The email stated that people who failed to take any action would see an account created automatically and it is about this that Assurance maladie is now contacting people.

As long as the message has been sent by assurance-maladie@info.ameli.fr, you need not worry that you are being targeted by a scam.

What if I objected to the creation of my account?

If you opted out of having a Mon espace santé account within the six-week period, you should not have been contacted to say that your profile is ready.

If you did not express your opposition at the time but now wish to, it is still possible to do so. By logging into your account with the details provided to you and clicking on ‘paramètres’ (settings), you can then choose ‘clôture du profil’ (close account).

Activating your account

If you do want to use Mon espace santé and have received an email from Assurance maladie saying that your page is ready, you will need to activate your account by visiting the website with your temporary log-in code and with your carte Vitale to hand.

The code will only remain valid for six weeks but you can request another one if yours has expired.

You do not need to have activated your account to make it possible for a healthcare professional to view it.

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