2020 has been one of ARB French Property’s busiest years

Sponsored article: ARB French Property is based in the UK and was created by husband-and-wife team Adrian and Jacqueline Bunn, as a low-cost private for sale property marketing platform.

“There has not been a better time to find a buyer since the crash in 2008,” says Adrian. “We are busy on all fronts, we have French buyers leaving the cities, Brits moving because of Brexit, and a spike in holiday home purchases from all nationalities especially buoyed by Dutch and Belgian buyers.

“Last month one of our sellers found a buyer in under a month and saved more than €25,000. Another wrote: ‘You have provided us with more clients in the short time that we signed on your books than any of the agencies we’ve used in France.’ All this means we urgently need more properties to sell across every region. We have cash buyers waiting.”

If you are looking to downsize, upsize, move north or south or are on the move back to the UK now is the time to find a buyer. If you are contemplating a move back to England, the current stamp duty holiday, combined with a low pound could offer even more savings.

Jacqui continues, “Sellers often ask are Brits still coming after Brexit. The simple answer is yes. We call it the Brexit Exit. Since the 2019 election result, we have seen a big increase in holiday home buyers, while those coming full time are geared up for any future changes and financial add-ons such as health cover. Irrespective of Brexit Brits will always have a passion for living and holidaying in France. However buyers from the UK only account for a third, the rest are Brits on the move within Europe, French, Belgians and Dutch who especially love to deal direct via a private sale.”

Adrian concludes, “Whether you are new to market, feel your current marketing has stalled, or are frustrated and simply want your home to have the attention it deserves, contact us. Our Platinum Plus service is our most popular scheme and includes a unique interactive floor plan, extensive description, free visit to photograph and a free virtual tour, particularly useful for unoccupied homes, holiday lets or further lockdowns. We are extending our free visit throughout November and December to photo across all 3 plans, including ‘Gold’ which starts at just £120 for the year.

Adrian and Jacqui are in France until the end of November to meet owners and find more homes to sell. If you want to find a buyer fast, if you want to save thousands in commissions or simply want your home to get the attention it deserves, call to book a site visit or view the web site for more information.

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