65% reduction in French taxe d’habitation this year

Local tax taxe d’habitation is payable for most homes by November 15 if you do not pay online, by smartphone or by regular instalments, but for 80% of households – all but the highest earners – there is a 65% reduction.

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Some homes, usually second homes, have a December deadline.

The reduction is part of a gradual phasing out of the tax. It applies to main residences, not second homes.

There is a simulator to check if you are eligible at impots.gouv.fr/portail/node/11605.

The reduction is calculated automatically.

It will be 100%, wiping out the tax, for those eligible next year.

This year some people were due reimbursements, which should now have been paid. This affects people who pay in monthly instalments and overpaid, bearing in mind the reduction due. You should see the refund on your bank statements, listed DDFIP and a local address.

If you are eligible for the reduction next year, you can reduce the amount you pay each month on the tax website to avoid the need for a refund next year.

Changes made until December 15 will take effect in January, and those made later will take effect two months afterwards.

Click on Paiement, then Gérer mes contrats de prélèvement and choose your taxe d’habitation. Click Modifier ou arrêter vos prélèvements and Moduler vos prélèvements.

You can also do it via the Impots.gouv app or by contacting your Centre Prélèvement Service by letter, email or phone.

You insert the amount of tax you should pay next year. In many cases, it will be €139 – just the TV licence fee.