Admin error led to renovation aid refusal in France: what can we do?

Make sure when you are applying for aid, you follow steps in the correct order

Is there any way to appeal if you are refused renovation aid?

Reader question: We were hoping for aid under the MaPrimeRénov’ scheme for renovation work but were turned down because we had already signed a contract for the work and they said we should have applied for the aid before we signed this. Is this small difference enough to be refused? Can we do anything?

Unfortunately, as they say, ‘rules is rules’.

The website for the scheme does state that you should apply with devis (quotes) for the work, not already having paid…

So, ultimately, it is not surprising they turned down your request.

That said, it might be worth a letter of complaint, as it is possible they could reconsider and this might enable you to finally obtain your grant.

The Ecology Ministry is ultimately responsible for the scheme.

You could ask for help from an adviser at the network of

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