Bat invasion and buying at auction: French property news and updates

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We also look at carbon monoxide safety and a property manager’s large compensation charge
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State compensates homeowners for bat nuisance

The French government has been ordered to pay almost €100,000 in compensation to a couple in south-west France after their home was invaded by bats.

The bats are classed as a protected species in France, meaning they cannot be exterminated or removed, and successive renovation works failed to prevent the bats from causing excessive damage.

The property’s value has fallen by an estimated 30% because of the bats’ destruction, and the homeowners claimed they could no longer live in the property due to the smell of the animals’ urine.

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Property manager faces compensation bill

A property manager will need to pay property owners over €50,000, after he selected an unsuitable tenant for their property.

He did not inform the owner of the property about the precarious financial situation of the tenant, who earnt less than half the property’s rent amount, before letting her sign the lease. The elderly woman’s children later discovered that the tenant was almost €70,000 in arrears.

Despite appealing the original verdict – and claiming an estate agency was at fault – the property manager was ordered to pay 80% of the estimated loss of rental income from the property.

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Alerts raised over carbon monoxide poisonings

France's public health body has issued reminders to homeowners after an increase in the number of people facing carbon monoxide poisoning.

An increased number of cases were reported recently, caused by many homes losing electricity because of Storm Ciaran and having to resort to using electrical generators and alternative heaters during the blackout.

Our article looks at the advice as well as tips on installing carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

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Have you considered buying property at an auction?

This article gives an overview of the three main types of property auction in France, looking at the pros and cons of each.

With the current lull in the property market, the lack of competition and lower prices offered by property auctions make an attractive proposition for those looking to obtain a property.

Properties being auctioned off are generally successful, with about 85% of properties put to auction being sold in some departments.

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