Can I buy a UK lottery ticket online in France?

For your UK lottery ticket to be valid, it must be bought when you are 'physically' located in the UK or Isle of Man

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Reader question: I am aware that generally people are not meant to play the UK National Lottery or buy British Euromillions tickets if outside the UK. However, although I live in France, my computer gives me a UK IP address. If I bought a ticket, in the event of winning a big prize, would I be disqualified if they found out I bought the ticket abroad?

Yes, because it is not enough to buy the ticket in the UK in a “virtual” sense. The terms and conditions of the UK National Lottery say you must be “physically” located in the UK or Isle of Man at the time that you buy the ticket.

They further state that organisers Camelot will not pay out a prize in respect of any games played while you were located outside these areas. It also has the right to terminate your online account if it “suspects or knows” you have played while located abroad.

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