Career change in France: I Googled ‘can animals talk to people?’

Colleen Kersey tells how a Reiki experience helped her discover she can talk to animals

Through the study of Tarot and Reiki, Colleen Kersey (inset) discovered the key to communicating with animals
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I have worked in various roles throughout my life – from being a service delivery manager for a national airline to an English teacher in Thailand.

In 2014, I returned to the UK to seek out a more ordinary life and stable home, but still had a niggle that it was not quite what I was after.

I happened upon some Tarot cards and, since I have always been a spiritual (not religious) person, I was intrigued to see how I could use Tarot – for self-development, rather than fortune-telling.

Learning Tarot

Rather than making predictions, I learnt to use Tarot to answer real-life questions, such as ‘how can I tap into my strength today?’ and ‘how can I handle this situation?’.

Later in 2014, I started doing readings for myself and others online alongside an executive assistant job.

That same year, my husband Jon (who I had originally met in 1999) and I got together.

Move to France

In 2016, he took me to meet his mum at her home in France and a piece of our puzzle fell into place.

We went for a walk one day, saw a barn, fell in love and made an offer.

Six years later, we are still renovating.

Jon used to have his own IT company back in the UK but he now works as a gardener, with a few DIY jobs on the side.

I worked as a cleaner as a stopgap when we first arrived while I considered my next steps.

Teaching Tarot

I then realised that I could use my teaching skills combined with my knowledge of Tarot to teach others how to do their own readings, rather than conducting readings on their behalf.

It was a great way to empower others. I started doing this online in 2019 – perfectly timed for lockdown!

I now run regular Tarot courses and teach people all over the world.

I also qualified as a Reiki practitioner in 2016 and, because of the pandemic, began to work more with distance Reiki – through which I could help anyone in the world.

Reiki works on animals too, so I sometimes worked with people’s pets, helping to relieve pain or reduce stress.

Life changing

Then something happened that would prove life-changing.

One day in spring 2020, I was doing distance Reiki on a cat in America and an image popped into my head of a tall bay window with mustard curtains and a window seat.

It was so clear that I mentioned it to the owner at the end of the session.

She was amazed and told me I had described their lounge window, where their cat sat.

I had never seen this person’s house so could not have picked up the information in ordinary ways – could I have picked it up from the cat?

It seemed unlikely but as the whole experience made no sense, I decided to investigate.

‘Can animals communicate with people’

I went to my computer and Googled ‘can animals communicate with people’, feeling ridiculous.

But a whole lot of information on interspecies communication came up.

I discovered that, with the right training and in the right circumstances, people can indeed communicate with animals.

I threw myself into personal study, reading articles and learning techniques from the internet.

Eventually, I discovered a course run by a woman in Australia.

It was conducted via video conference and saw me starting at 05:30 every day due to the time difference.

But I learned so much it was worth it.

As part of the course, the practitioner would use animals belonging to her friends and have me communicate with them.

She would already know the answer to the question, so was able to check that my answers were accurate.

It was mind-blowing.

Understand animals on a much deeper level

Now I am able to help people understand their animals on a much deeper level by learning why they behave in a certain way, how they feel about their lives/food/toys/other animals or people.

I can also prepare animals for long journeys and help those who are dying.

I can speak to them after they have passed, too, which can bring great comfort to the animal’s guardian.

It is done via telepathy. I carry out a visualisation in my mind and then connect with the animal.

The animal communicates by sending images, words, songs, feelings or sensations. All I need is a recent photograph.

Once, I even detected a dog was suffering from leg pain and the owner was able to seek further guidance from a vet.

I have loved the different roles in my life so far, but I particularly love what I do now.

I still do some cleaning, but hope to wind it up soon. With my own business I can be flexible with clients and life is less rigid and demanding.

And besides, there are so many animals out there with so much to say.

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