Dordogne, Brittany: Eight French châteaux for sale for under €700,000

Many people dream of owning a fairytale chateau so we went on a tour of France to see what was available for under €700,000. Here's our pick - and not all of these properties need a lot of renovation

Châteaux for under €700,000 on sale across France
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While traditionally a château was “a defensive building that over the centuries has become a residence”, the term can now refer to all large-area buildings, such as castles or manor houses, a spokesperson for the estate agency Patrice Besse told The Connexion, as we have included a few of these.

Langeron, Nièvre, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – 12-bedroom château – €495,000

This 19th-century château spans 570m² across two floors and has 12 bedrooms, four bathrooms and three hectares of land.

Approximately one third has been renovated to a modern layout, which includes a garage for three cars.

The building is located in a nature reserve in the middle of breeding grounds for Charolais cattle.

Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany – 13-bedroom château – €558,000

Pic: Patrice Besse

This property spans almost nine hectares. The main building was built in the 18th century on the site of a former château-fort (a château that features a drawbridge).

The main building, which spans almost 1,000m² over three floors, is in need of renovation.

The outside comprises various entities such as a bridle path, a greenhouse, a main courtyard, two gardens and several studios and workshops.

Nérac, Lot-et-Garonne, Nouvelle Aquitaine – 12-bedroom château – €553,200

This château offers around 750m² of living space, including 12 bedrooms and four bathrooms, and 12 hectares of surrounding land.

Some walls date back to the 12th century but the elevations, defensive corner turret and square tower in the courtyard were built in the 17th century. The tower also features a vaulted room that was likely a chapel.

The property also comes with 150m² of outbuildings including garages, stables and a barn.

Dordogne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine – 8-bedroom château – €660,000

Pic: Patrice Besse

This property, complete with 250m² of living space and over 8 hectares of land, was built in the 16th and 18th centuries.

It features two towers with vaulted rooms on the ground floors and terraced roofs.

The building also features an underground passageway adjoining the local church.

The property includes a traditional 16th century double gateway bearing the slides for a drawbridge, wrought iron gates and an underground passageway adjoining the local church.

There is also a ‘caretaker’s house’ with independent access and an outbuilding that has been converted into an art studio.

Roanne, Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes - 16-bedroom château – €650,000

This château offers 940m² of living space and almost ten hectares of land.

Part of the outbuildings need to be restored but the property has maintained many traditional features such as large hallways, painted ceilings and a library.

It is located on the outskirts of a small town which has a school and other amenities.

Mazamet, Tarn, Occitanie – 7-bedroom château – €672,750

Pic: My French House

This 18th-century château has seven bedrooms and one bathroom. It spans three floors, each 230m².

It has many traditional features such as eight fireplaces, chestnut paneling and secret passages that were previously used by servants.

Some rooms have been renovated whereas others may need work done.

The outside of the property comprises 6.2 hectares of land, including meadows previously used to graze horses, a swimming pool (15m x 6m) and a stone building previously used as stables.

Allier, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – 8-bedroom château – €680,000

Pic: Patrice Besse

This two-storey château includes eight bedrooms, a gatehouse and three hectares of enclosed parkland.

All bedrooms have either private shower rooms or bathrooms. There are various rooms and an attic that can be converted into more bedrooms or studies.

The rustic dining room features a fireplace and volvic stone floors and the main façade that overlooks the parklands has 17 windows. The west wing of the château, the oldest part of the property, still has Renaissance window mouldings.

The outbuildings include two old houses that are currently being used as workshops and sheds, a closed garage and a three-bedroom ‘caretaker’s house’ at the entrance of the property.

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