Drivers in France can check licence points on new official website

Proof of licence validity and which category of vehicle you are allowed to drive can also be downloaded for employers or insurers

Users must first create an account then specify their type of licence and licence number

Motorists can check the points on their French licence or download details of its validity at a new official website.

It replaces a platform called Télépoints, which was shut in November after criticism that it was too difficult to use.

Licence-holders can find the new website at

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Log in to see points and vehicle category permissions

To log in, they must first create an account via the FranceConnect service, before specifying their type of licence and licence number.

They will then be directed to information showing how many points are left (in France, points are deducted from a maximum of 12 – or six for new drivers – for speeding and other road offences).

Users can also download a relevé d’information restreint (RIR), which shows what category of vehicle they are allowed to drive, and information such as if they must wear glasses.

RIRs are sometimes required for jobs and by insurance firms.

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EU plan for health checks being debated

Drivers would need a health check when they first receive their licence – then every 15 years to keep it, under an EU plan being debated in a bid to reduce road deaths.

Checks could be more frequent for over-70s.

If agreed, the plan would take several years to be put into practice in French law.

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