Five French properties with working vineyards for sale from €575,000

We look at picturesque winemaking homes for investment opportunities or for a new livelihood

This 16-hectare vineyard in Dordogne is available for €738,000
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There are 85,000 working vineyards in France, meaning that the dream of a picturesque winemaking home can be found almost anywhere in the country. We look at five examples of the properties available.

Known as a propriété viticole, a vineyard property or estate can be an opportunity for investment or to start a new livelihood, but they come with many responsibilities and often require significant outlays.

The price of vineyards varies considerably depending on their location. The most expensive are in the Champagne region, where a hectare of vines costs over €1m. The least expensive are in Occitanie, where the price per hectare is around €13,000.

This is of course in addition to the price of the property, its outbuildings and any wine making equipment on site.

Here we look at five relatively affordable propriétés viticoles around France.

Saint-Emilion, Gironde: €875,000

Pic: Sotheby's International Realty / Google Maps

This propriété viticole with a Tuscan feel in Saint-Emilion (Gironde) offers a quiet environment with breathtaking views of the hillsides.

An elegant tree-lined driveway leads to the four bedroom, 220m² house, which also has a small apartment and fully-equipped outbuildings for the operation of the vineyard.

The vineyard is organic, with 0.85 hectares of Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes producing around 4,000 bottles a year. See more here.

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Pomport, Dordogne: €738,000

Pic: Anthouard Immobilier / Google Maps

This vineyard in Pomport, south of Bergerac (Dordogne), is in a wooded and hilly location with almost 40 acres of land.

There are several buildings on the land, including a pavilion, cellar, house and barn amounting to a total of 1,000 m² . However, much of it is in need of renovation.

The house itself is 172m² and can be split into two apartments.

The 16ha of vines have been awarded the Haute Valeur Environnementale classification, which is an environmental standard granted to agricultural operations that protect biodiversity.

The property includes winemaking and bottling facilities. See more here.

Bordeaux, Gironde: €574,500

Pic: Quatuor Vignobles / Google Maps

This property in Bordeaux (Gironde) includes a 138m² nineteenth century stone house, with a terrace, garden and swimming pool.

The farm buildings include vats, a small laboratory, tasting cellar, thermoregulated rooms and barrel storage.

The four hectares of vines, which have been certified organic since 2012, belong to a family trust.

Buyers will have the possibility to lease or purchase the vines from the trust. See more here.

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Péronne, Somme: €950,000

Pic: Paris et associés / Google Maps

This property in Péronne (Somme), consists of a five bedroom 328 m² house, along with outbuildings.

The house is located on an enclosed, wooded plot of land that adjoins its vineyard.

The area is part of the Mâcon-Péronne Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) region.

In total, the property has 10,430m² of land, half of which is the vineyard.

The vines are currently rented out but could be farmed by the buyers themselves. See more here.

Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse, Gironde: €689,000

Pic: Leggett Immobilier / Google Maps

This four bedroom, 200m² home is in the middle of two hectares of vineyards in Saint-Ciers-de-Canesse (Gironde).

The house has been renovated and includes two living rooms, a kitchen, a swimming pool, and large outbuildings.

The roof terrace overlooks the organic vines that produce AOC Côte de Bourg.

The site also has a cellar, tasting room and storage room. See more here.

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