Five things they do not tell you about partying in France

A humorous look at the unspoken rules when you ‘faire la fête’

A fête can be anything from a sedate affair to a raucous all-nighter so check before you accept the invitation
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1. L’invitation

A fête can be anything from a fairly sedate affair to the most raucous all-nighter involving ear-splitting music, heaving crowds, much drinking, and a long walk home while sobering up.

So when agreeing to faire la fête, just be sure you know exactly what you are signing up for.

C’est super!

2. L’ambiance

Obviously, a good atmosphere is required to make the fête go with a swing, but rather than just turning the lights down low and the sounds up high, instructions are given to encourage everyone to have a good time.

Ambiance assurée!

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3. La politesse

Whatever the event, if guests are not served, they do not serve themselves, so no picking at the pizza!

Wait to be urged to treat the place like home before you dive in.

And wait for the modus operandi to be repeated several times before kicking your shoes off.

Faites comme chez vous!

4. Les déguisements

Dressing to impress is increasingly popular.

Even at a local Easter Egg hunt, dressing the part will earn you extra credits.

If the theme is ‘Country’, slip into your cowboy boots, if it is ‘Barbie’, you know the colour code.

Pick the right fête and fancy dress could even get you in free.


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5. Le lendemain

When chewing over a decent night out, especially if anyone comments on your appetite for fried food, red wine and flirting, or your exuberant moves on the dance floor, you need not blush.

All that is required is a simple shrug and a roguish smile.

Il faut décompresser!

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