French tax website now also shows properties owned: how to check

Information will be used to set your taxe foncière and any other property taxes owed

An English-language guide is also available on the site
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Tax officials have expanded the website, used for tax declarations, to include details of all private properties owned – and have provided an English-language guide.

A separate service is available for people who own professional properties.

Where to find it

Called Gérer mes biens immobiliers, the property site has been available since last year from the personal log-in on the site.

As well as listing all properties owned, it records features such as the number of rooms, surface area and cadastre lot numbers of these properties.

It is possible to download the information from the site to a spreadsheet.

Declare and pay online

The site should have a facility to declare and pay property-related taxes, such as the taxe d’aménagement, and from early next year to declare the occupancy status and rents from properties, as well as settle any tax bills which arise from them.

Only properties subject to property tax are included on the website. If you own barns or outbuildings that are not liable, for example, they are not included.

Any wrong details can be corrected by using the secure messaging system with the standard subject line J’ai une question sur le descriptif de mon bien immobilier.

Details on the site are the ones used to determine your taxe foncière – and any other property taxes that might be dreamed up in future – so it is worth checking they are as accurate as possible.

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Separate professional log-in

It might take several weeks for properties to be moved from or added to the site after a sale – the information is gleaned from the tax records of the sale provided by notaires.

Where properties are not owned by individuals but by companies, they must be managed from a professional log-in at the site.

The property or properties must be registered for the Gérer mes biens service to be included on the site.

Once they are, they can be found under the Démarches tab from the welcome page of the professional tax log-in, and include the same information as personal properties. People with more than 200 properties have a dedicated webpage.

The English-language landing page explaining the service can be found here.

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