Have British newspapers become harder to find in France?

We look into a change to a major distribution company and also to postal subscriptions of The Telegraph

Readers have reported struggling to find British newspapers in France in recent months
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Reader Question: It seems to me that it is suddenly impossible to find British newspapers in French shops. Is this true and if so, why? Have we really offended Europe so much that we are denied newspapers?

I’ve also heard that Telegraph postal subscriptions are being discontinued. What options does this leave us with?

You may have noticed some disruption to British newspaper supplies in French newsagents and in postal subscription plans over the last few years, as a result of issues with and changes to distribution systems.

In 2020, major supplier Presstalis went into receivership, meaning that British newspapers disappeared from French tabacs for a period of a few months or weeks.

However, it was then taken over and rebranded as France Messagerie. This company supplies French businesses with copies of titles such as The Economist and the Financial Times, and has not reported any issues regarding distribution.

The Connexion has contacted France Messagerie to confirm that British newspapers are still being distributed as usual, and will update this article on receiving a response.

One change which has been confirmed to us is that OCS Media, through which people can pay for postal subscriptions to British newspapers, has stopped supplying The Telegraph.

OCS Media told The Connexion that this was “due to economic factors making the business model no longer commercially viable.” It did not say that it had anything to do with Brexit.

“Existing Telegraph readers who decide they wish to view the publication may look at a digital subscription. However, this is not held with OCS Media.” The spokesperson recommended that readers therefore check directly with The Telegraph.

“OCS Media will continue to supply the leading publications into Europe as usual,” it added. These include The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, The Daily Mirror and The Financial Times.

A Telegraph Media Group spokesperson said: "Along with printed editions of the Telegraph, which are available in limited areas of France, we offer a range of digital subscription packages.

“Digital packages include exclusive access for subscribers to our app featuring both the latest news, all their favourite newspaper sections and a daily digital version of the the Daily and Sunday Telegraph newspapers.”

She would not comment on whether newspaper distribution has been affected by Brexit or any other factors in recent months.

Newspaper readers can also purchase a print subscription to The Guardian through a delivery service called EuroCosm UK.

Have you noticed any changes or experienced any difficulties in getting your favourite British newspapers in France? Share your experience with us at news@connexionfrance.com

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