How to adapt your monthly taxe d’habitation rate to avoid overpaying

To benefit from 2022’s 65% discount on main homes from the beginning of the year, people who pay monthly will need to change the payment amount at their online tax account

Those who pay taxe d’habitation on their main home will benefit from a 65% discount next year, before the tax is phased out completely
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The gradual disappearance of the taxe d’habitation residency tax on main homes means that people who pay monthly will need to adjust their payments in order to avoid being charged too much.

This year, only six million households in the highest income bracket are required to pay taxe d’habitation, and their bills have been reduced by 30%. Next year, the reduction will increase to 65%, and in 2023 the tax will be phased out completely.

Just under half of the 20% of French households still paying taxe d’habitation choose to be billed on a monthly basis, according to the Direction générale des finances publiques.

However, if they wish to benefit early from next year’s 65% cut, they will need to modify their monthly payment. Otherwise they will continue to pay extra each time and will have to wait until the autumn to be reimbursed.

To alter your monthly payment you should visit, log in, click ‘Paiement’, then ‘Gérer mes contrats de prélèvement’ (Manage my payment contracts).

Choose your taxe d’habitation contract and click on ‘Moduler vos prélèvements mensuels’ (Modify your monthly payments), where you will then be asked to enter the estimated amount that you should be paying. This should include your contribution à l’audiovisuel public TV licence fee, which totals €138 this year in mainland France.

You can work out how much taxe d’habitation you owe using this government calculator. If you accidentally pay too little, you will need to pay the difference next autumn.

People who pay their taxe d’habitation monthly should modify their account before December 15 to be in time for their January payment.
There are no reductions in taxe d’habitation for second homes.

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