How to pay local property taxes if cheques are banned?

I have discovered that as of next autumn we will be unable to pay our local property taxes by cheque (we were fined last time for doing so). I have previously tried to pay online via the tax website, but could not do so as I did not have a numéro fiscal. We are resident in the UK and do not complete a French tax return, although we do have a French bank account. How can we sort this out? K.T.

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A spokesman for the tax service said that there is always a numéro fiscal shown on a tax avis (bill) - including for local taxes – so if you check your bills again you should find one was allocated.

He said the simplest method is to pay by télépaiement (internet payment) which you do by indicating the numéro fiscal and a reference number from the avis, at this link

As of this year, tax bills (whether income tax or local taxes) above €300 cannot be paid by either cheque, TIP or bank transfer.

Options include monthly direct debit instalments, prélèvement à l’échéance (a direct debit of a local tax bill from your account 10 days after the deadline date) or by direct internet payment.

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