Is the French ‘vehicle accident form’ available in English?

Most French drivers keep a copy of the form on hand

A translated constat amiable can be useful to keep in your car
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Reader Question: I have heard about a French ‘accident form’ people keep in their car in case of a crash with another driver. I want to keep one in the car I leave at my second home. Is there an English version?

The form you are thinking of is known as the constat amiable, or European Accident Statement (EAS) in English.

This is a standardised form, available in multiple languages, which is designed to be accepted by all insurance companies across the continent.

It is used when there is an accident involving two or more vehicles.

It is best if both drivers complete the form, and carbon copies are possible so only one person has to write down the information.

However if you disagree on certain points, you can each write your own version.

If the other driver does not want to complete the form, you can make a note of this on yours, and can give their number plate so they can be contacted by their own insurance company.

Regardless of the language of the document, the questions and information slots are in the same place, meaning you can use an English language version to understand what is required to complete the French form.

In addition you can send an English version to a French insurance company – other nationalities can use their respective languages – and the form makes it possible for all groups to liaise and understand the contents across linguistic divides.

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Many UK insurance companies still accept the form.

A downloadable PDF version can be found here, which you can then print.

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Is it legally required to have a constat amiable in your car?

It is not is not legally required to keep a constat amiable in your vehicle, however the French government strongly recommends doing so on its Service Publicwebsite.

Due to its commonplace nature it is the easiest way to detail any driving accident you have in France.

There is a digital version of the form called the ‘e-constat auto’ which can be downloaded from your phone’s App Store, however this requires both parties to sign the document, unlike the constat amiable where one person only can complete the document.

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