Local tax bills sent in error to thousands of homes in France

Homeowners are urged to check they did not receive additional bill by mistake

Check to see if you have been sent the bill in error
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France’s tax authorities have apologised for sending thousands of emails in error to property owners, wrongly informing them they will have to pay the taxe d’habitation.

If recipients do not notify their tax office before the due payment date, they will still be liable to pay the tax, even if the bill was sent in error.

If “an error is confirmed, you will of course be exonerated,” said central tax authorities DGFiP in a statement.

You should check on the French tax website (impots.gouv.fr) in your personal space (votre espace personnel), to see if you have received a bill in error, as well as any emails from the tax authorities.

You can inform officials either via a message on your personal space on the website above (la messagerie sécurisée) or by calling 0 809 401 401 (please note, this number might only work if you are calling from France).

If you are not able to resolve the issue before the payment date marked on your bill (usually December 15), then you should pay it but then make a réclamation (claim) to be refunded due to the error. These can be lodged up to December 31, 2025.

Mistake more likely to impact recent movers

The message posted by the tax authorities on its social media is below:

If you have been affected, you will have received an email from the DGFiP alerting you to an incoming taxe d’habitation bill, as well as the bill in your personal tax space, or provided by some other online means.

Some initially believed the email to be a scam and ignored it, but the DGFiP has revealed they are genuine.

The reason for the bill being sent in error is “because the DGFiP has two known addresses for you,” said the DGFiP.

People who have recently moved are more likely to be affected as they are more likely to have two addresses listed under their name.

All homeowners are still being urged to check their online profile on the French tax website, however, to make sure they have not received a taxe d’habitation bill in error.

As a reminder, taxe d’habitation is only payable on second homes, and should not be levied on anyone with only one main residence in France (ie. a property classed as their main home for tax purposes).

It can be levied on holiday homes of non-residents even if it is their only property in France.

Taxe d’habitaiton bills have been available to view online for those who pay in one go, since November 7 (including the bills sent in error).

If you pay the tax in monthly instalments, it will be available on November 20 on the site.

In both instances, an email will also be sent informing you that the avis is available to view.

Paper copies will be sent out between November 8 and 29 if you asked for a physical copy, depending on whether you pay in one go or across multiple payments.

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