Millions of jobs in France but workers ‘lack skills’

Recruitment in France is predicted to rise sharply this year, with more than 2.5million new jobs created.

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The latest report from the Pôle emploi state employment agency, which carries out annual surveys into companies’ needs, shows recruitment plans are 14.8% up on 2018.

This equates to an estimated 2.69million potential new jobs. The news comes on top of an 18.7% increase in job vacancies in France last year.

Presenting the results of the study, Pôle emploi chief Jean Bassères said: “Hiring intentions are this year at their highest level in 10 years.”

Employers, however, are concerned that they will find it difficult to fill jobs.

Unemployment in France currently stands at 8.7%, the lowest for 10 years – positive news that has passed under the radar due to more emphasis on immediate purchasing power.

Nearly one in two employers (44%) expect to struggle to find the right candidate, particularly those looking for roofers, carpenters, plumbers and mechanical draftsmen.

Three-quarters said they were concerned that candidates often do not have the necessary experience or skills.

Meanwhile, a less mobile workforce, caused in part by more people becoming home-owners, means people are less prepared to move for work.

These concerns were carried over from 2018, when eight out of 10 job vacancies were filled.

Smaller businesses, with between 50 and 200 employees, will lead job creation this year.

The “hottest” recruitment regions are Pays de la Loire (+24.8%), Normandy (+21.1%) and Hauts-de-France (+18.3%).

Construction, industry and business services – including transport and logistics – will be the busiest in the job market, Pôle emploi said, followed by trades and agriculture.

Two-thirds of new jobs will be offered with long-term contracts. Seasonal contracts will be available in traditional areas, such as the hotel and restaurant trades, and viticulture.

The results of the survey were based on the responses of 436,000 establishments out of 2.4million contacted.