Property selling service designed to save money

Sponsored feature : ARB French Property’s Platinum scheme means more property owners than ever are choosing to sell their homes privately, Adrian and Jacqui Bunn, founders of ARB French Property explain why.

“The French property market can be complex and many sellers have experienced difficulties in recent years to find buyers,” says Adrian.

“With the market moving slowly, and with for sale prices under constant pressure, the savings a private sale offers can make a huge difference to both sellers and buyers.

ARB French Property have developed an innovative way for people to buy and sell property privately in France. Selling property privately has been a popular route for French sellers and buyers for a long time, it is a market that lots of English owners are missing out on – often because they do not realise how easy and cost effective it can be.

Adrian continues, “We specialise in finding ready to proceed buyers who want to deal direct. As well as our own website, every home will be seen on leading third-party web sites to attract British, French and international buyers. It is important every property gets year-round attention and not just in the first couple of months. We are committed to working hand in hand with our owners.

“Our Platinum schemes include a personal visit to photograph, floorplan, discuss market trends and price. That helps us works with sellers to create a great looking advert with 30 high quality photos, plus the all- important floor plan that buyers especially appreciate. Buyers travelling a long distance to view, want as much information as possible at an early stage.

“There is no benefit keeping a property’s exact location secret from the buyer until they visit. We release co-ordinates to screened buyers, so they know where a home is to help ensure a high-quality viewing.”

Jacqui comments: “Our service is designed to save the buyer and seller money. By dealing direct, no matter what your view on who pays the estate agent fees in France, a private sale will save one of you up to 10%.

“Many sellers come to us concerned this extra amount, as well as notaire fees and taxes can add 15% or more to the cost of their home making it hard to sell. Owners of a property which has been on the market some time could especially benefit. In the current market the days of sitting and waiting for a buyer to come you are gone. A proactive approach is a must and it is essential to employ different methods to find that one buyer.”

ARB’s success means they are now looking to help owners sell property throughout all areas of France and need more properties in every department. If you think your home will appeal to a private buyer, if you want your home to have a year-round attention and a pro-active marketing approach, now is the time to contact ARB.

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