Refunds on social charges

Reader's query on whether they should constantly keep asking for refunds on social charges.

I am a retired Briton in France. The tax office has once again levied social charges on me. Last year I established a refund of the €250 charged to me. This year they are asking for €293. My income tax bill is zero. I pay tax to the UK on a teacher’s pension. Should I once again request a refund? B.C.

Income tax bills being zero is no reason for which social charges will not be applied.

If the social charges are based on your pension, then they are not due and so yes, you should write to claim a refund of the social charges.

However if the refund last year related to social charges on property or investment income and you made a successful claim based on not being affiliated to the French social security system, then yes, it would also be possible to make a renewed application relating to charges on income from 2015.

Reader's query answered by Hugh MacDonald

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