Tax rebates, wood pellets, market overview: French property round-up

We look at four stories for homeowners this week in France, including an overview of the property market and problems with tax bills for property owners

Our round-up of property stories from the last seven days
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Magnolia tree saved after children’s plea

This heartwarming story saw a magnolia tree – likely to be cut down due to a neighbour’s complaint – saved after two young children wrote a letter detailing how much they loved it.

Owners of the property next to the tree in a suburban garden had asked for it to be cut down as it blocked sunlight to their new extension, which they wanted to rent on Airbnb in west France.

The tree not being protected by the usual environmental laws due to its young age but the judge ruled that it should be left because of the positive effect it has on the local community, including the children.

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Taxe foncière bills sent to wrong people

Up to €600 million could be refunded to taxpayers after errors in taxe foncière calculations led to certain homeowners being charged for

Mistakes in calculation of property size, as well as administrative backlogs detailing who are officially owners of certain properties are largely behind the mistakes.

Our article explains how you can claim a tax rebate on overpayments, if you believe you have been overcharged. Although the French tax authorities may contact those who they have overcharged, it is not guaranteed they will do so.

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Wood pellet heating system overview

We provide a deep dive into the wood pellet heating systems installed in a number of French homes, particularly in more rural communities.

Our article looks at the price of both the pellets themselves and the subsequent installation costs, highlighting the different types of stoves you can install.

We also look at some pros and cons of having such systems to help you weigh up if installing one would be worth it.

The article also covers the potential aids possible for installing a system, which is deemed as an ecologically friendly alternative.

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Property market in lull but not crash, say experts

France’s property market has seen both sales and prices fall over the last year, although there are large regional differences with some small areas even seeing price rises.

In addition, a drastic fall in new build properties is leading many to say a property ‘crash’ is on the horizon, although others say it is too soon to tell.

Although some say it is now a ‘buyer’s market’ and not a ‘seller’s market’, high mortgage rates can lock out first time buyers from accessing properties.

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