Teachers, maths, Bac: What is new for education in France in 2023

We look at teachers' pay and training, compulsory maths in the general baccalauréat and more

10% pay increase for French teachers; compulsory maths for 'première' and 'terminale' classes

Teachers’ pay

Teachers are to receive a 10% pay rise on average in September, with additional rises linked to extra responsibilities.

President Macron pledged that all teachers beginning careers will earn at least €2,000 net per month.

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Obligatory maths

Maths is to become obligatory again at the rentrée for all pupils in première and terminale classes studying for a general baccalauréat.

This ended in 2019, but after evaluation of measures last year which made it easier to add maths as an option, it will return for all those who have not already chosen it as a Bac ‘speciality’.

However, only an hour and a half of maths will be imposed per week.

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Maths teacher training

Extra maths teacher training for all primary school teachers is also planned and all collèges will be encouraged to have a maths club.

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