UK MPs call for urgent enquiry into impact of new EU border checks

The effects of the planned European Entry/Exit System (EES) have been ‘under-appreciated’, says an MP committee

UK’s European Scrutiny Committee has asked experts to send in evidence to help it understand the effects for tourists and businesses
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A group of UK MPs is calling for an urgent inquiry into the effect on travellers of the launch of the EU’s new electronic border checks in 2024.

They say they are alarmed by potential disruption that might follow.

It is “imperative” to do a thorough investigation into likely effects of the European Entry/Exit System (EES), says the European Scrutiny Committee.

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Under-appreciated the issue

Committee chairman Sir Bill Cash said in a statement: “The scale of potential disruption became apparent to us on our visits to the port of Dover and Folkestone earlier this year.

“We quickly realised this under-appreciated issue was one that deserved detailed scrutiny.”

In particular, MPs found suggestions that day-trippers would have to leave their cars to complete checks, among other problems, “alarming”, he said.

The launch of EES has been delayed several times from its original start date of May 2022 and is not now expected until after the Paris Olympics.

No exact date has been set.

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Call for evidence from experts in tourism and business

Non-EU nationals who do not live in the EU but are visiting will have to submit a fingerprint scan and photograph on their first entry into the Schengen area after the scheme starts – or when they leave if already in the area.

Kiosks and/or notebook computers are expected to be used. Other information collected will include travellers’ date of entry and exit from the Schengen area, which is intended to remove the need for passport stamps.

The committee wants people with relevant experience or expertise to send in evidence to help it understand the effects for tourists and businesses, by 17:00 UK time on January 12.

For more details on the enquiry and who can submit evidence, visit the committee website.

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