Who can use a currency company and why you should

Sponsored article: Pippa Maile from foreign exchange specialists Elys FX explains

“The short answer to this question has to be - everyone! Currency companies have been set up to help anyone who needs to move money from one currency to another to do it easily, quickly and get the best rate at the same time. They are used by individuals and businesses instead of a high street bank, to maximise the amount they receive when converting money from one currency to another.

“It is surprising how many people still use their high street bank to exchange money, or pay using a bank card. Both these methods can incur unnecessary costs and charges, and offer a less competitive exchange rate to their customers. They are also slower, which can cause issues for people who need funds quickly to close a sale, or pay their mortgage.”

Elys FX have helped people change money for a multitude of reasons from buying a car or refurbishing a home, paying utility bills, or supporting a child studying abroad. Businesses also use currency companies to pay salaries abroad or when importing or exporting goods.

Pippa continues, “Some people feel that it’s only worth doing if it’s a big sum of money, for example a property purchase. But it works really well for paying a mortgage each month on a second property, transferring your salary to a different country each month, or converting your pension income.”

Expats living in France, with investments, properties or salaries coming from other countries, or family members living or studying abroad, can rely on a currency company to help move their funds securely and quickly, ensuring they always get the best rate.

Using an online platform, you can trade currencies 24/7 and have access to one of the quickest and most secure international payment systems in the world. It only takes minutes to open an account and with Elys FX you will have the latest technology as well as a bespoke, personalised service.

Pippa concludes, “Our helpful team of experienced FX professionals will support and guide you through the process, if and when you need it, and put all the tools at your disposal to make the currency transfers you need easily and quickly. We exceed all financial and regulatory requirements to ensure maximum security for your money.”

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