Carrefour recalls listeria risk charcuterie in France

A charcuterie board with bread, meat and olives. Supermarket Carrefour has recalled 10 types of charcuterie that may contain listeria in France.
Ten types of charcuterie produced by Italian company Fumagalli and sold in Carrefour have been recalled in France

Charcuterie products have been recalled from French supermarkets Carrefour Bio and Carrefour Sélection after traces of listeria were found in packets made by Italian brand Fumagalli. 

Traces of listeria were originally found in mortadella, a type of sliced sausage produced by Italian company Fumagalli and sold in Carrefour.

But, as a precaution, the supermarket is recalling not only the mortadella but all other charcuterie products (such as ham, salami, speck and coppa) sliced and packed in the same factory.

The total list of recalled items comprises 10 products by Fumagalli, including:

  • Mortadella Bio 70g Mortadella Bologna Igp 100g 
  • Jambon Cuit Superieur Decouenne 100g 
  • Prosciutto Cotto Alle Erbe 120g 
  • Antipasto Misto 250g 
  • Salame Milano Bio 70g Antipasto Misto Bio 90g 
  • Bresaola 100g
  • Speck Del Trentino 100g 
  • Coppa 100g 


Customers to return or destroy products

In statement released on June 19, Carrefour confirmed that supermarkets that had sold potentially infected meat would display posters notifying customers.

Customers who have bought products now being recalled are advised to “destroy them or return them to a shop, where they will be reimbursed” rather than eating them.

They add: “People who have eaten the products listed [in the statement] and who have a fever, either on its own or accompanied by a headache, are encouraged to see their doctor, alerting them to what they have eaten.”

According to the statement, pregnant women, old people and people with immunodeficiencies are at high risk from listeria and should be particularly watchful for symptoms. 

The incubation period for the listeria can be up to eight weeks. 

Further recalls

This is the second time in a week that major French supermarket brands have recalled meat products.

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Minced meat sold at French branches of Auchan and Lidl was recalled on June 19, after consumer website 60 Millions de Consommateurs found a possibility that the meat contained metal filaments. 

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