Covid: New measures decided Friday, set to be regional

President responds to warning from leading scientists that the government has no more than 10 days to act to stop the rising spread of coronavirus

10 September 2020
French president Emmanuel Macron standing at a lectern giving a speech in Ajaccio, Corsica
By Connexion journalist

President Emmanuel Macron said that the government was ready to make difficult Covid-19 decisions following a strong warning over France's response to the pandemic.

Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Conseil Scientifique, which advises officials on science matters, had warned that the government had no more than 10 days to make 'tough decisions' to stop the rising spread of coronavirus.

During a visit to Ajaccio, President Macron said that the Defense Council was preparing to discuss new orders when it next meets on Friday, but did not go into further detail.

"We have to fight against a virus, so it is good to be enlightened by science ... Then, there are democratically elected leaders who have decisions to make … We will have decisions to take at the Defense Council on Friday, as always.

"We must adapt to the evolution of the virus, slow down its circulation as much as possible. But we must do it by allowing us to continue living: educating our children, taking care of other patients, treating other health matters, and having an economic and social life," he said.

"We are all stakeholders in this fight against the virus through our discipline to respect barrier gestures, but also in our discipline within the family framework. We realise that there is a lot of contamination in private. If we are all disciplined, I think we can cope. "

The Conseil Scientifique warned on September 9 that the progression of the epidemic in France, 'shows we are heading for disaster'.

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