Up to €8,000 available for self-employed in France

New measures will give independent workers access to up to €8,000 from their retirement funds, with exemptions on income tax for those who receive financial support.

26 August 2020
A picture of Euro bills in someones hand. Up to €8,000 is being made available for independent workers in France, from their retirement funds. Independent workers could receive up to €6,996 after tax.
By Joanna York

The measures are exceptional, and designed to help independent workers who have found themselves in financial difficulty as a result of the Covid-19 health crisis. 

Independent workers in France include professionals such as artisans (craftspeople and creators), commerçants (shopkeepers and traders), professions liberals (freelance professionals) and other non-salaried workers. 

Up to €8,000 from retirement contributions

Independent workers facing financial difficulties can ask for up to €8,000 from their retirement contributions to Madelin or PER (Plans d’Épargne Retraite) contracts if they signed up before June 10, 2020. 

The measure proposed by the government would originally have allowed for €2,000 to be made available, but parliament increased the limit.

Exemptions on income tax up to €2,000

Independent workers who receive pay-outs from their retirement providers will also benefit from tax exemptions on their income up to €2,000.

Surplus income, over the €2,000 limit, will be taxed according to the marginal tax bracket that the workers’ total earnings place them in. 

However the total sum given by retirement providers will still be subject to prélèvements sociaux (taxes that contribute to social protections) of 17.2%.

How can I apply for aid?

Demands for aid must be made before December 31, 2020, by contacting the insurer or the contract manager directly. 

Payments should be made within one month of the initial demand. 

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