France lockdown: Can I take a family member to the airport?

Travelling for work-related reasons is permitted during the lockdown, but work from home is encouraged wherever possible

3 November 2020
France's borders will remain open to countries within the European area
By Connexion journalist

Reader question: My husband works in Germany and I need to drive him to the airport to catch a plane to get there. Where do I tick on the attestation form and do I need to take any other papers with me?

An operator at the government’s free Covid-19 hotline told The Connexion that anyone taking a family member to the airport to travel for their work should tick the box Déplacements pour motif familial impérieux on the attestation form.

They should also carry with them a form of ID for both themselves and the family member, a photocopy of the ticket, and an attestation sur l’honneur, a sworn statement explaining the reasons for the journey, dated, and signed by themselves with their address and date-of-birth.

It is a good idea to carry any proof of work of the family member. This will in particular be necessary on the home journey when the driver is alone.

You can find templates for attestations sur l’honneur here:

It should read like this:

Je, soussigné/e, [first name, surname] demeurant [address, postal code, commune]

atteste sur l'honneur que j’amène mon mari/femme/frère etc, [first name, surname] à l’aéroport de [town], ce [day and date] , pour qu’il/elle puisse prendre l’avion pour se rendre à son travail en [country if not France] [name of company and town].

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