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Brexit and Beyond for Britons in France

Published 21 January 2021

This guide is a digital, turn-page version which can be downloaded as a PDF and is searchable

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(inc. TVA)

  • Digital turn-page guide, also downloadable (PDF)

What the Brexit deal means for UK residents of France, second homeowners and visitors in 2021 and after

Digital Only


(inc. TVA)

  • Digital turn-page guide, also downloadable (PDF)

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More about this guide

The guide reviews what the 'full' Brexit deal means for Britons living in France, those with second-homes here and other UK nationals planning to settle in France in 2021 and afterwards.

There are two important parts to the deal. The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) which came into force on February 1, 2020 and covers the continuation of key rights for Britons already living in France. Britons can benefit from this if they have proof of residence in France by December 31, 2020, and have until June 30, 2021 to apply for new WA residency cards. 

The second part, informally known as the ‘future relationship deal’, covers amongst other matters the right to annually uprated UK state pensions for those moving to France and continuing healthcare cover for visitors, including second-home owners.

The 40-page guide is available in PDF format and details how Brexit can impact Britons, both those already resident as well as those yet to arrive.

Contents include: 

Full Brexit and France: Key points to understand

  • For Britons living in France before Brexit
  • For Britons with second homes in France
  • For Britons moving to France after Brexit
  • Brexit deals: What do they include? 
  • Agreed rights for existing residents

Britons living in France before 2021

  • The future relationship deal: What are the deadlines? 
  • What to prepare for your visit to the prefectural office 
  • ‘Officials will be generous on means tests’ 
  • Healthcare cover
  • Help from accredited organisations

Second-home owners in France

  • Understanding the 90/180 day rule for visitors to France
  • What are the penalties for overstaying?
  • Could the rule change in the future?
  • How the temporary long-stay visa option could enable longer visits

Moving to France from 2021

  • French residency rights and long-stay visas
  • How to apply for a visa
  • Helping non-EU citizens get the visas they need to move to France

What else does Brexit change for Britons in France?

  • Healthcare: New cards and other updates 
  • Financial issues: Pensions, benefits, tax
  • New rules in force at the French border 
  • Limits on goods: UK to France 
  • New rules for sending parcels
  • Recognition of UK qualifications
  • Telecoms and internet roaming
  • Erasmus and study abroad 
  • Changes for businesses 
  • Divorce, child custody and marriage regimes
  • Driving in France, UK licences and driving points
  • New rules for pet travel from the UK to France

Your Brexit questions answered

  • Must we carry a carte de séjour with us when out at all times?
  • What if I cannot scan carte documents? 
  • Does Brexit affect the ability to choose UK inheritance law? 
  • We have low incomes - will we be able to stay in France?
  • Buying a second home in France: What does Brexit change?
  • Which banks are closing accounts of Britons in the EU?

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*The information in this guide is of a general nature, it is not advice which if needed can be sought by instructing a professional on the specifics of your case. All purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.