Beware of car buying sites in France

Recently I decided to sell the right-hand drive car that I brought to France 10 years ago.

The common rule in France is vehicles for sale must have a new contrôle technique. My vehicle failed so I could only sell it for parts. Then I saw an ad for a company promising to buy any car, no matter its state.

Problem solved. I filled in their online questionnaire, making sure to add that it was a right-hand drive car with French registration and was told it was worth up to €1,900.

I arrived at the due time and location for a viewing to confirm the online valuation, which I knew was too high.

Well over an hour later they said that in view of the fact it was a right-hand drive vehicle and they had nothing to compare it to, they would have to review the internet offer.

Their new offer was €23. Needless to say, I didn’t sell it to them.

Phillip Cameron, by email