Big sizes are not stylish

I roared with laughter when I read your latest [online] article about weight discrimination in France.

I’ve lived here for over 15 years and I’m a curvy size 18 in the UK. However, here it is a different matter as most shops selling the (almost) equivalent size – somewhere between 46/48/50 – have unstylish clothes that I don’t think I will ever be old enough to wear!

It is indeed galling to see a gorgeous frock in the window, then go inside to find that the largest size is about a UK 10, with the vendeuse looking you up and down. In Paris, it is possible to find smart classic clothes in shops such as Weil – at a price.

I suppose it isn’t overt weight discrimination but the looks between shop staff and the shake of the head can cause you to creep out of a French shop.

It is generally easier to buy online from UK stores with modern, flattering designs.

On the plus (sic) side though, I always receive kind comments on my fair skin and unlined face. Not bad for a pensioner?

Beryl DENNETT, Charente-Maritime