Citroën C3 V4 car recall in France over fuel tank issue

Both French and EU authorities issue recall for new model

The cars were sold from November 6, 2023
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A recall for a recently manufactured Citroën car has been issued on the official RappelConso recall website due to potential issues with the vehicle’s fuel tank.

The car in question is the Citroën C3 V4 (the fourth-generation of the C3 model) sold from November 6, 2023 at dealerships across France.

An issue with the car’s fuel tank lining has been identified and is the reason behind the recall.

“The wall of the fuel tank could be too thin. This could cause a hole to appear in the fuel line and result in fuel infiltration,” states the announcement, which you can see here.

A recall was also issued on Rapex, an EU-wide website for safety recalls on non-food products.

Cars sold with the following three model numbers are impacted:

  • e2*2007/46*0003*73

  • e2*2007/46*0003*74

  • e2*2007/46*0060*39

If you have purchased one of the vehicles, you are directed to contact the dealership.

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