‘Dark Ages’ are really a step to a brighter future

How sad that your correspondent John Spinks ( Connexion, January issue ) spoils his argument about the failure of the UK voting system with an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

Suggesting that Corbyn “wanted to take the country back to the Dark Ages” shows that he didn’t read (or understand) the Labour Party’s manifesto or/and was brainwashed by the media attacks on Corbyn.

Nationalisation of certain essential services for the good of the British people, a revolutionary green agenda, and policies aimed at developing a fairer society are not regressive.

They are clearly necessary as the inefficiencies and self-serving nature of privatisation are increasingly being shown as not working.

Using deeply-rooted identity issues harking back to the days of the Empire and World War Two is exactly what Brexit is about.

This Boris Johnson-led process seeks to circumvent regulation in the hope that Britain will manage to steal a march on other countries by undercutting them via a lower-wage and free-market economy.

What today needs is a collective, collaborative and team-working approach.

Only by working together is there any hope of our populations flourishing or even surviving in any kind of civilised manner.

Labour was indeed crushed during the last election but it would be a mistake to ignore the achievements of the Corbyn team.

Despite the vicious campaign against them, they forced the Tories to move in a slightly more progressive direction than that of the austerity, poor-bashing and xenophobic policies they pursued over the last decade.

Hopefully, Mr Spinks, and others who don’t feature among this privileged 0.1% of the population, will finally see through the fog and lies to understand who truly represents their interests, those of humanity at large, and those of the other species that inhabit this dangerously divided and extremely threatened planet.

Steve Lytton, Arcy-sur-Cure, Yonne

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