Drinkers warned over possible slivers of glass in two French wines

A defect in the neck of the bottle has sparked fears consumers are in danger of swallowing glass

You should check your wines indoors to make sure you do not have this brand
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Drinkers have been warned over two French wines whose bottles are defective and put consumers at risk of swallowing glass.

It is possible slivers of glass are present in two ‘Touraine Sauvignon’ whites due to a problem with the neck of the bottle, according to a government website.

The recall was announced on the website RappelConso on Friday (March 17), but the products have been available to purchase in supermarkets for many months.

It comes after another white wine was recalled on March 15 over the possible presence of detergent. The product was also sold throughout France.

Which wines are affected?

The two products are as follows – Touraine Sauvignon, Les Lunelus and Touraine Sauvignon, Château de Vallagon.

Both of the wines are in 37.5cl bottles and were distributed by the same manufacturer.

Similar to a recall of red wine last month, the worry is over the potential ingestion of glass, as the neck of the bottle is brittle.

Sales information for the products is as follows:

Barcode 3378482102668 and lot number H22333LA for the Château de Vallagon wine.

Lot number H22228LA for the Les Lunelus wine.

Official advice is not to consume the products and to return them to the original points of purchase for a refund, with a deadline of April 7, 2023.

The wines were sold across a number of supermarkets, wineries, and épiceries throughout France for a number of months – the Les Lunelus product since August 2022, and the Château de Vallagon wine since April 2022.

An information number has been set up for the recall, which is 02 41 78 78 08.

Second wine recall this week

This follows another white wine recall earlier this week on March 15.

The Terra Nosta AOP Corse 75cl bottle was recalled due to the possible presence of detergent in the wine. It has been sold in Enseigne U-managed stores across France since November 2022.

Last month The Connexion reported on the high number of products recalled in the last two years since the introduction of RappelConso.

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