Easy-look graphic: how seats in France’s new parliament are divided

The final results of France’s legislative elections are now known. No party has an absolute majority. The new National Assembly will meet for the first time on 28 June

President Macron's coalition failed to win the absolute majority

The final results of the recent legislative elections in France have been confirmed and show that president Macron’s Ensemble! coalition has failed to gain the absolute majority (minimum of 289 out of 577 seats).

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For the second round, the abstention rate was 53.77%, 1,235,844 blank votes were counted (i.e. 2.54% of registered voters and 5.5% of voters) compared with 362,193 in the first round.

The new deputies (MPs) take office on Wednesday June 22. The 16th legislature opens on 28 June at 15:00 with a public session devoted in particular to the election of the president of the National Assembly.

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