E.Leclerc France extends anti-inflation price freeze on key items

The measure was initially applied to 120 of the supermarket chain’s most-bought products, but has now been expanded to include around 110 more

An image of an E.Leclerc supermarket branch from the outside
E.Leclerc has extended its anti-inflation price freeze on certain items

French supermarket chain E.Leclerc has extended its price freeze on its most-bought items until December 4 in order to help customers cope with the rising cost of living.

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The chain’s ‘bouclier anti-inflation’ (anti-inflation shield) is aimed at essential products such as rice, flour, dairy products, fruit, vegetables and nappies.

It was first introduced in May and had been due to end tomorrow (July 31).

Initially applied to around 120 items, the scheme will now be extended to a further 110.

“This measure enables consumers to continue accessing common products, safe in the knowledge that any [price] increases caused by inflation will not compromise their buying power,” E.Leclerc has said. “Any price rises will be automatically compensated through Ticket E.Leclerc” vouchers.

Which products are included?

There are now exactly 234 products covered by E.Leclerc’s price freeze, split into four categories:

  • Fresh products - eggs, charcuterie, fish, fruits and vegetables, dairy products etc.

  • Épicerie - rice, coffee, flour, sugar, bread, cakes, crisps, jams etc.

  • Drinks - fruit juice, syrups, water etc.

  • Toiletries and washing products - nappies, washing up liquid etc.

The supermarket has said that the list is subject to change, but details of the initial 120 items can be found here. The offer applies in all E.Leclerc stores.

It should be noted that each household may only buy five of the same product per day, and that the price freeze deal cannot be used in conjunction with other offers.

If any of the products do go up in price and you are given E.Leclerc vouchers for the difference, you will be able to use them from the following day.

France’s Loi Egalim 2 prevents supermarkets from selling items at less than a 10% profit margin, which is why some increases will have to be reimbursed through the vouchers rather than taken directly off the displayed prices in store.

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