France to introduce motorbike safety checks within two months

It comes after the government attempt to cancel the implementation of checks last year

The tests will affect all two-wheeled models that are 125cc or above
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France is to introduce mandatory roadworthiness tests for motorcycles by August 1.

The law change will affect all two-wheeled models 125cc or above.

It will see these vehicles be required to undergo safety checks similar to the contrôle technique for cars.

It comes after France’s highest administrative court, the Conseil d’État, on Thursday (June 1) told the government it had two months to implement the rules.

That led to France’s transport minister, Clément Beaune, hastily arranging a press conference on the matter.

The government will "of course apply the decision of the Conseil d'Etat,” he said.

"In the next few days the timetable and procedures for the technical inspection,” will be made publicly available, he added.

The original decree of August 2021 to implement mandatory inspections for two- and three-wheeled vehicles by the beginning of 2023 was repealed by the government in July 2022.

It was reinstated in October by the Conseil d’État, who said its repeal by the government was “illegal”.

Conflicting views on safety checks

There are conflicting views on the implementation of tests.

Two associations – Respire and Ras Le Scoot – were at the forefront of petitioning the Conseil d’État to overturn the government’s repeal.

As the name of the former suggests, some advocates of the law see it as a conduit to improve air quality, particularly in cities.

Others see the inspections as a way to increase road safety for drivers of cars and motorbikes alike, as well as pedestrians.

Many motorcyclists, however, are indignant over the tests being introduced.

After the overturning of the government’s ban, motorcyclists held demonstrations in French cities last November to show their opposition to the bill.

The rapid implementation of the tests is raising concerns too.

“As the technical inspection centres aren’t necessarily ready, it's going to be put in place in a hurry, and we're worried,” said Céline Aubrun, coordinator of the national office of the Fédération française des motards en colère (French Federation of Angry Motorcyclists).

It is unclear as of yet exactly what tests will be required.

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